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Warning thunderstorm and rain coming.

The Thai Meteorological Department have issued several warning for the region of Chonburi/ Pattaya and also for all the East of Thailand. From 3-5 June there will be a risk for heavy rain due to a tropical depression located over Vietnam.   Here is the original advisory. ...

Tonight, the sky is on fire!

Tonight, the sky is on Fire! We are surrounded by thunderstorms, but it seems that the lightning will not reach the beach and stay on the sea, and on the mountain. It is hot and we enjoy a beautiful and scary sunset.

What did we missed? Thunderstorms!

Since True Pattaya has been closed for renovation (and deleted from Facebook), many things have happened in Pattaya. Thunderstorms! So many and so beautiful. Usually they are starting to form in the morning and exploding at noon, but they can happen anytime in the day. We had some serious flood ...

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by Nikko