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The Weather of Pattaya

Rain and thunderstorms over Jomtien

Rain and thunderstorms over Jomtien

We have a depression passing by over all Thailand and rain was expected. Lot of strong thunderstorms and clouds, with intermittent heavy rain all day. This also gives nice ice cream in the sky!

More rain, more thunderstorms. 2018 is a wet year!

In 10 years of being here I have never seen so much rain in a city that has the reputation to be dry. Every day it gets nasty starting at lunch (12am-1am). Thunderstorms are building quickly over our head. I don't know what it feels to be a tourist here - I am happy to stay long time here, but ...

Rain, every night, storm Barija and beware of typhoon Mangkhut!

It's been one week that we get big rain every night. Once it is Jomtien flooded, the next day Naklua, then Chonburi or Sathahip! Tonight it will be Pattaya. When Tim Heller say "in my 35 years forecasting the weather on TV, I have NEVER seen so much activity... It is not a joke. Hurricanes are ...

Beautiful day, but the forecast is not so optimistic.

We have been quite lucky in Pattaya the last few weeks. There is a tropical depression North of Vietnam and 2 tropical depressions with the potential to become Typhoon are heading toward Philippines and tropical Storm Son-tinh didn't affected us. We have a hot weather and almost clear sky which is ...

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by Nikko