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The Weather of Pattaya

A food seller and his dog at Jomtien beach.

Jomtien has become a tourist trap, and food price have soared! You cannot find any Thai food less than 100 baht, even a simple fried rice! Food sellers are the only option for the people who are working there, and the Chinese trapped in the hotels. They are creating an ecosystem where every ...

Heavy rain warning for Thailand for 27-28-29 May 2019

Today (May 27), the Meteorological Department Meteorological Department announcement "Heavy rain in Thailand (With effect from 27 - 30 May 2019) "No. 2 dated May 27, 2019, indicating that During 27-30 May 2019 in the northern region Northeastern, Central, Eastern and Upper South There will ...

Freak thunderstorm over Pattaya

It is not an April fool (we are April 2nd) but at the peek of the hot dry season we got a +1 hour freak thunderstorms, with lightnings and thunder every 10s and a lot of water. As usual in that circumstances, Pattaya got flooded everywhere. The new beach is also damaged. 3h after, Sukhumvit is ...

Clear day, blue sky and the beach renovation is finished!

Today was an amazing day, with no pollution and a perfect blue sky. 32 degree Celsius is feeling like spring in Europe. The beach is not completed and it is looking incredible, specially close to Walking Street where the beach was totally gone. It is a little bit late, but today you can see on the ...

Rain is in the forecast

Rain is in the forecast

Today is very hot, 33 degree C on the Balcony and the feeling is heavy, like if the rain is coming.The weather forecast thunderstorms in the next 2-3 days and we can see them developing North East of Pattaya. We need some rain to flush the drains who are rotting under the roads, so it will be ...

Tropical Storm Pabuk

Tropical Storm Pabuk

When you read Aljazeera or the Washington Post it sounds like Thailand will be devastated by a powerful Typhoon. Actually Pattaya will be affected marginally, or even not at all. We can see it from the windows, or just looking in the direction of the sea, it is a big mess of clouds just in front of ...

Thanks to the rain, the pollution went from 170 (197?) to 70!

Thanks to the rain, the pollution that was at dangerous levels (red!) went down to moderate! When the government will apply the law and stop these people who are burning their fields and their trash? The same thing happen every year at the same period, suffocating pollution coming from the farmers ...

Flooded Loy Krathong 2018

Flooded Loy Krathong 2018

Lot of rain and a very strong thunderstorm has disturbed the normal Loy Krathong festival. Some were obliged to launch their krathong from their home having no mean to travel outside.    

Rain and thunderstorms over Jomtien

We have a depression passing by over all Thailand and rain was expected. Lot of strong thunderstorms and clouds, with intermittent heavy rain all day. This also gives nice ice cream in the sky!

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