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The Sexy side of Pattaya

Update Walking Street September 2019

I went taking some pictures, and report some changes about The Street. You can see soi Diamond, some vendors, the old ones, Iron, Glass House and the new ones, like the Pinup, The Atlantis, The moon (new), and the Harem Club. Enjoy!

Mega party at Nidcha House Bar (Katoe bar) soi Buocaw

I was walking around and you could not ignore the noise of the party at Nidcha House bar soi Buocaw located just opposite soi LK. It is a Kattoe bar and there was a lot of these creatures wearing Santa Clauss dress looking like. Pork was free for customers. Enjoy the pictures!

Angel and Bat, 2 renovated bars soi Diamond worth to visit.

I was looking around Walking Street and stopped at the new renovated bars located Soi Diamond. The Bat seems to be Russian owned and have a number of nice good looking girls. The music is loud and quite bad, but the ambiance was festive. The best of the 2 is the Angel... not many Angels inside, ...

Pattaya Bikini race 2019!

The Pattaya's most famous running event of the years took place the 8th of June, and we have been lucky that it was not raining that day! Lot of bikini babes (some say 3000+, the Guinness world book representative have apparently approved the record!) some well fit guys and a weirdo! The old ...

Redbull bar party soi Lengkee

Redbull bar party soi Lengkee

There was this party tonight soi Lengkee at the Redbull bar. The singer was excellent. And the dancers were very pretty. Of course there was the traditional BBQ moo (porc).

Her name is promotion, at Cafe 35

I asked her name, she answered "promotion". Hello promotion, how are you? At Terminal 21 3rd floor. Check it out quickly before a farang take "promotion" with him. Then there will be no more promotion.

Showing boobs is not enough to be above the law!

Having boobs and millions of fans, is not enough to be above the law. The Thai-Irish net model has been caught doing booby-advertising for a gambling football website online and the Thai police didn't like it. It was probably too hard to resist for the money. Now is could spend years in prison. ...

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