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MK Restaurant opening at 7am? What is happening?

The MK group (like others big Thai companies) was conducting an employee full medical check, free. It happened in one of their franchises located at Tesco Lotus (Pattaya Nua). There were doctors, and even a mobile hospital with a scanner and x-ray outside! All employees from the MK group got ...

Central Marina what to do with kids there?

Central Marina has some free attractions for the kids, the 2 most popular ones are the train and the playground area. Check the pictures. While they play, you can enjoy a good meal at Hashiban (Number 8) for example.

Cha Tra Mue at Central Marina, for the coffee lover!

You have already tasted Starbuck (120b American Brand) or Amazon Cafe (60b Thai brand) or even Coffee Club (140b Autralian brand) or worse the 7/11 ones (40b). Then you have to taste Cha Tra Mue (50b), an old Thai coffee brand. The taste is soft, and great. Ask for a Cappuccino yen (Iced ...

Terminal 21, shops that are UP!

Terminal 21 is a huge success, part because of the advertising, part also because there are shops that are very successful in there. But not all Terminal 21 is the same, some place have a huge success, some are totally empty. So what is the future of Terminal 21? Is it going to be like Central, ...

LK Empress all you can eat breakfast buffet

250 baht, if you can deal with the price tag, then you will be in heaven. LK Empress on beach road, Saturday early in the morning (starting at 7am) Imagine all you can eat: salmon Sashimi, Maki, Mortadella, Prosciutto, Salami, Pepper sausage, Caprese, black and green olives, bakery quality grade ...

Beautiful day

Beautiful day

Every day has a thunderstorm, but usually only in the night. Yesterday we got some very loud thunder strikes around 10pm, but it rain stopped quickly and it refreshed the night without having any consequence on the entertainment venues. Low season can be the best time to be in Pattaya. Here are ...

Central Marina

Central Marina

Central Marina is the name of the renovated North Pattaya Big C. Located behind the Markland and the Siam@Siam building in the Chinatown zone. At night there is a nice market with many shops and a live band. The prices are awfully high, I have seen 120 baht for a simple fried rice! The rent must be ...

North Pattaya beach is resisting.

Despite an exceptionally wet rainy season this year, the North Pattaya nourishment is resisting to the assault of both flood and waves... the extreme north has been damaged for long time, but the rest of the beach is standing strong.

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