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Check these printers before buying a new one (Tukcom)

We all know that what costs the most with a printer is the Ink. Now check these at the 4th floor of Tukcom, the computer floor. These printers have been modified to support refills, which costs only 100 baht per color and see how much quantity you can host. These modifications are very common here ...

August 12 is the birthday of Sirikit, the queen mother of Thailand.

  Sirikit Sirikit is the queen mother of Thailand. She was the queen consort of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and is the mother of King Vajiralongkorn. She met Bhumibol in Paris, where her father was Thai ambassador.  Born: August 12, 1932 (age 85 years), Pathum Wan District, Bangkok ...

Impressive gears at JIB old Tukcom!

Impressive gears at JIB old Tukcom!

While the new Tukcom (Harbor) is diying slowly, with most shops above the second floor closed, the old Tukcom is blooming. Example JIB, if you want to see some hi-end PC just have a look there. These are pretty amazing. es

Central Marina: a fishing village themed mall.

Located North Pattaya on second road, the renovated Central Marina changed a boring Big C mal to a nice fishing village theme. Still have the cinema, but now there are a lot more restaurants, and computer stores like JIB. If you are around the Holiday In, have a look there.

Crepes at Big C Extra

Crepes at Big C Extra

This new place at the bottom of Big C Extra at Pattaya  Klang is selling crepes, and has many choice of sweet or salted ones... Crepes are originally from France (Brittany exactly). Do not expect the same exactly but these are huge and not expensive.

Beautiful day, but the forecast is not so optimistic.

We have been quite lucky in Pattaya the last few weeks. There is a tropical depression North of Vietnam and 2 tropical depressions with the potential to become Typhoon are heading toward Philippines and tropical Storm Son-tinh didn't affected us. We have a hot weather and almost clear sky which is ...

North Pattaya Beach is replenished. Let’s admire it while it last.

The yearly investment in fixing the North part of the beach has been completed, with a budget of +450 Million baht... Every year, the whole thing is swept by the first strong thunderstorm and flood. We are in rainy season and this year is particularly wet. So let bet how much time this will last? 1 ...

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