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Boss! An excellent Inspirational video.

Boss! An excellent Inspirational video. A warning about the information that we read on Facebook and social Medias and how we judge people without knowing all the facts. Applies to all who have a page, including here. Source

18/11/2017 – Concert Chang Connection.

18/11/2017 - Concert Chang Connection. I am standing with the camera, no tripod. Love this camera, it is so easy to focus and zoom with an optical image stabilization that is out of this world. The microphone got the 100db sound without saturation, but it is somehow monophonic. Could be in 4k, ...

The Life of Sharky

The Life of Sharky

Sharky (Tim shark), another iconic figure of Pattaya. Like him or not, he is the kind of people who helped to build the reputation of Pattaya as a sin City. With his tattoos and his colored language, his defiance to the Authority (remember him rushing in the police station with the Pattaya One ...

Secret Street in Pattaya Soi 13/1 Yamato!

Interesting walk at soi Yamoto (13/1) by "Cheap Charlie" I am going to take you on a tour down Soi 13/1, also known as Soi Yamato in Pattaya, Thailand. This is an old street with lots of bars, guesthouses, ho... Source

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