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The Good Side of Pattaya

Amazing Pattaya Beach deserted because of Covid-19

Since the Covid-19 is keeping the tourists away from Pattaya, the nature is back in force. It took less than a year to clean up the water and the sky. Hopefully the tourists will be allowed to come back, but please, keep the industrial tourism away, the buses and tours were only destroying the ...

Thepprasit market is food extravaganza!

The Thepprasit market was famous for being a huge touristic attraction before the Covid-19. It is happening every Friday and Saturdays. Lot of people are still coming, even if it is hard to see any farang anymore. Thai people seems to enjoy this market too. There is a new fashion, the ...

Dongtan Beach is Amazing!

I thought that I will never say that but thanks to the Covid-19 to have solved at least temporarily the many problems caused by the mass tourism these last 5 years. I have never seen such a clean beach, such pristine water, and such a clean air in Pattaya for the 11 years I have been ...

Jomtien Beach update June 2021

Jomtien Beach never been so attractive. Every day we have clean air, no car traffic and plenty of space to sit and enjoy the sun. The water is very clean when it is not raining. It is brown after the heavy monsoon downpours. Enjoy some nice pictures I have made while I was waiting my cao man ...

Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year 2021!

I have been blocked in France since March 2020, because of the Corona Virus. My girlfriend is still in Pattaya, trying to survive. I though it will last a couple of month, but it will last more than a year I am afraid. I will post on this page sometime, even if I am far away, just to keep ...

South Jomtien new no parking rule.

It was such a mess with the buses and the car parked everywhere, the small food vendors, that all south Jomtien was blocked every night, specially the week end. They decided to paint the road and remove all the parking along the beach side of the road. The traffic has been much better since! ...

New tax on sugary drinks.

New tax on sugary drinks.

New tax, on sugary drinks to be applied from October 2019. The Thai government seems to finally take the mesure of the deadly excess of sugar in a lot of products. Sugar is an addictive product, that can make people sick if consumed excessively. Cancer, Diabetes, and overweight are some of the ...

Trimming the trees at Jomtien Beach

I was passing by and I saw these big trucks, first thing that came in my mind was "oh no! They are cutting the trees here like they did in Pattaya! In fact not! They were just trimming them!

Impressive big bike meeting at Jomtien Beach

While I was driving along the beach I noticed a long line of parked big bikes, mostly Honda... it seems that a racing club was doing a meeting this Sunday at Jomtien Beach.

Night at Jomtien beach

Night at Jomtien beach

It is low season and the waves are quite high. 1:00 am on the beach, the ambiance at Jomtien Beach is relaxed, totally secure, with people chilling with the cool wind. We are driving scooters and food stalls are open all night. It is 25 Degree C... Paradise on Earth.

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