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The Good Side of Pattaya

Illuminations for the new King

They are revamping Sukhumvit road with some nice illuminations installed around the palm trees. It is in honor of the new King but seems to be installed to be permanent.

Strawberries festival at Central Marina

If you are a strawberry fan, you cannot miss this festival! It is the strawberry season in Thailand and the Royal Project is selling their organic strawberries along with all kind of vegetables at Marina Mall, North Pattaya 3rd road, 1st floor at the entrance of Big C. Try the ones in the fridge ...

Seven Eleven Sci-Fi Extravaganza!

This building has been built in one week, sign that when you have the money, you can get things done quickly in Thailand! Inside, with its huge aquarium screen it is looking like a sci fi movie where androids would sell you things with their fixed smile. Definitively a weird place to see. They are ...

MK Restaurant opening at 7am? What is happening?

The MK group (like others big Thai companies) was conducting an employee full medical check, free. It happened in one of their franchises located at Tesco Lotus (Pattaya Nua). There were doctors, and even a mobile hospital with a scanner and x-ray outside! All employees from the MK group got ...

Central Marina what to do with kids there?

Central Marina has some free attractions for the kids, the 2 most popular ones are the train and the playground area. Check the pictures. While they play, you can enjoy a good meal at Hashiban (Number 8) for example.

Cha Tra Mue at Central Marina, for the coffee lover!

You have already tasted Starbuck (120b American Brand) or Amazon Cafe (60b Thai brand) or even Coffee Club (140b Autralian brand) or worse the 7/11 ones (40b). Then you have to taste Cha Tra Mue (50b), an old Thai coffee brand. The taste is soft, and great. Ask for a Cappuccino yen (Iced ...

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