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Who want to swim in that water?

Who want to swim in that water?

It's been one year since I made a movie showing the sewage tube going directly into the sea where the people are swimming. At this time, many pages relayed and the TV went to see. It became a national outrage and the government allocated a multi-million bath budget to tackle the problem. What has ...

Australian tourist assaulted in front of a bar Soi Buakhao

During the early morning, Pattaya police was called about an Australian tourist who was assaulted in front of a bar at Soi Buakhao. Mr Krank, 45 years old, was beaten in the face and nose then brought to the Pattaya Hospital. There was an altercation with some Thais in Soi LK just before, then ...

Police facing a man armed with a sword.

Police facing a sword armed Thai with calm and self control. In another country the man would have been shot dead on the spot. This does not means that he will not be prosecuted, but no one was hurt in fine. ...

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by Nikko