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Richesse: cool name for an half empty yogourt!

The bottom is empty, the top is empty, overall you buy half what you expect. Richesse is probably what the brand wants, but if you see these yogourt, avoid them, just to teach them about arrogance. I call that a scam.

Parked like an asshole

Parked like an asshole

Typical asshole way to pack, blocking people who want to turn left. With the hope that the Thai mentality will change one day...This happened at the crossroad between 3rd road and Pattaya Klang... a very busy intersection.

Liver cancer death rate: Thailand in the top 10.

Why all South Asian countries have cancer death rate so low? Why so many people get Hepatitis in these countries? Alcohol? Food? Environment? Source:

Hit and run at Sukhumvit RD – Pattaya Tai

Tonight, around midnight, there are a lot of accidents in Pattaya, one of them happened just under my eyes. A pickup was speeding and didn't stop at the red light while driving in the direction to the North. Some bikes stopped at the red light, but the pickup didn't, ramming into the innocent ...

Pollution this morning at North Pattaya beach.

The "family resort" was looking more like pollution infested by chemical waste this morning. When I see this, I don't understand why the pollution do not become the top priority of the City Hall. What about the image of Thailand?

Tomboy massacre girlfriend (WARNING: shocking Video and Pictures)

A shocking video has emerged in the Thai medias, showing a tomboy beating another girl unconscious for about 15 min. What is the most shocking is how relaxed the aggressor who knows the victim for +6 years is methodically punching when the victim is offering no resistance, using his ...

Pattaya beach salvaged by the boat operators.

They did it at the pier, where the smell of the gasoline was so strong that the City Hall had to cover everything with concrete... now they are doing the same right on the beach where kids and family are playing in the day. Don't tell me that this is safe for the population.  It is happening in ...

Kathoeys fighting with a group of tourists

Kathoeys fighting with a group of tourists (again)... part of the folklore of Thailand? When we will see them cleaning the beach or doing something positive instead of assaulting people all the time? ...

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