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The Funny Side of Pattaya

Young Thai Girls are looking like Dwarfs?

(funny post warning) What did happened to the Thai society? Ten years ago all the Thai girls were slim and tiny ladies. They always had a strong personality, but their small size was one of the reason men from all over the world were flocking into Thailand, looking for a perfect tiny wife... ...

Frankeinfood at 7/11

Frankeinfood at 7/11

If you want to eat something that is out of the ordinary, go to the 7/11 located at Pattaya Tai (the one with the shape of a boat). They are selling funny stuff that are looking like Pokemon or like cartoon characters. Kids will love it. I am not sure if it taste good, but it is looking hilarious! ...

Bubbles, eggs, lamps?

Bubbles, eggs, lamps?

Panorama of these weird things that are along Sukhumvit, at each crossroads. Now they seems to be finished and working. There some lighting freak in the city hall... but it fun!

Speed noisy bike and his owner in a metallic pyjama.

Who are these people who are making so much noise without the minimum respect of the other people in Pattaya? Smart ass? Sophisticated hi IQ people? Rich Bitcoin owners? Fashion masters? Apparently not... driving his big noisy bike with a metallic pyjama is just fine. Guess how smart is ...

Pink Socks

Pink Socks

If you come in Pattaya, do not forget your pink socks... you never know.

Bulb mania at Sukhumvit road

What is that? A bunch of alien eggs? Balloons ready to explode? Or lamps? Apparently these will make some light soon. I can't wait to take some pictures in the night once they are connected! People are curious about what kind of chicken will come out from these eggs?

Pattaya Bikini race 2019!

The Pattaya's most famous running event of the years took place the 8th of June, and we have been lucky that it was not raining that day! Lot of bikini babes (some say 3000+, the Guinness world book representative have apparently approved the record!) some well fit guys and a weirdo! The old ...

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