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Nice Issean style festival behind Big C at Pattaya Tai

There is a very nice Issean style festival at Pattaya Tai, behind Big C. the music is free, and fun. Lot of games, for 20 baht you can easily get a plush or feed the moo (pigs). Lot of fun in this place and much more relaxed than in the big festivals at soi Xcite for example. If you have some free ...

Gigantic Lychees 59 bath at Big C… time to buy!

They arrived in May, but the price was very high. Now we are at the peek of the season and these huge lychees priced at 59 baht for a big bag full of them at Big C... Don't miss them, so much better than the the canned version that we eat in the West at the Chinese restaurants!  

It is purple mangosteen season!

It is purple mangosteen season!

Between May and July is the peak of the mangosteen season. The price that is ordinary quite high, dump down to 20-30 baht per Kilo. The Mangosteen is a rare fruit in Europe, it is very fragile and cannot travel well, it does not support being frozen. This fruit has a lot of great properties, of ...

It is mango season 2018!

It is mango season 2018!

It will not last long, mango season is back and we will enjoy the best mango of the year for about 1 month at a very low price. Big, small, and my preferred, the "Apple Mango". You can find the fruits along the roads, specially at Threpassit road south Pattaya. About 40 baht per kilo, a bargain! ...

What we missed: the sea food festival!

Welcome to the seafood festival! It happened when the page was blocked by Facebook, between the 4-8 May 2018. It was located at North Pattaya between soi 6 and Pattaya Klang. That was not a big festival and there were a lot of non-seafood related food like BBQ chicken, fruits, drinks etc.. ...

Great American Sandwich Company is dead.

Great American Sandwich Company is closed and it seems to be the end of the road for this New York deli style restaurant. This to reminds us that it is not an easy thing to bring your culture in another country, specially in Thailand where there are so many choice of food.

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