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Surveillance system being installed in every main street of Pattaya

I am not sure what is the exact purpose of it, but they are Pattaya Nua, Klan, Tai, Close to Walking Street, and soi Threpassit... at least. These seems to be some sort of tracking system. One sure thing, if you do something wrong, you won't escape Pattaya without leaving a trace!

Pattaya Marathon 2018

Pattaya Marathon 2018

Today was the Pattaya Marathon 2018. All beach road was closed up to Jomtien and Pratakmak hill. The weather was perfect with no rain but no sun as well. The temperature was 29 degrees C. Many courageous people were running at their pace, some even walking close to the end. What is the most ...

Exclusive view from inside Terminal 21 supermall.

There is a Job Fait today and tomorrow, and hundred of Thais are coming with their resume to apply for jobs to the shops and the huge hotel. The opening is imminent, and there are so many job opportunities! This new mall is ready to compete with Central Festival. The place is promising, with ...

All the boys and their coach are saved!

All the boys and their coach are saved!

Finally the kids are now saved and have been dragged out of the cave. Meanwhile, Elon Musk arrived in Thailand with his mini submarine for kids... but too late. What is not said is that the operation could not wait more. The quality of the air in the cave had rapidly degraded and an ex Thai Navy ...

Live of the ongoing rescue from inside the cave!

Check this out... Mr Elon Musk want to put an inflated tube into this path and make the kids walking inside? And this guy is at the head of SpaceX? What a joke Mr Mickey Mouse Musk!  

Finally, the police do something against the noisy modified motorbikes! Finally, they do something against the motorbike racing organizers and their fans, such as facebook pages and groups of kids racing on the public roads. Not only it is a serious disturbance for the tourists who need to sleep before continuing their vacations, but ...

The 12 kids and their coach are ALIVE!

They found the kids and their coach: they are all alive and well! They found them 400m inside the "Pattaya Beach" cave. It will take about 4h to extract them from the cave. 3 kids are wounded and need medical attention the others are in good condition. Many Thai people are talking about the ...

Update about the 12 kids and their coach trapped in the caves for 1 week.

Where we are so far? a team of 3 British divers came at the rescue, but with no visibility, diving is extremely dangerous and difficult; they didn't had any result so far. pumps are sucking out the water from the caves, but it is raining every night, halting the researches when the caves ...

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