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Chess players meeting place in Central Festival

At the 3rd floor walk away from Carl's Jr Burger, they have created this place with plastic trees that reminds me Italy or Spain. It is becoming the rendez-vous of many chess players from Pattaya. If you are good at Chess you can come every night and challenge someone.

Pattaya is overbooked!

Pattaya is overbooked!

It started yesterday night.  Pattaya Klang, Nua, Tai and Trepassit road full of cars trying to go inside Pattaya. Beach Road is blocked at night and you can only walk there, which makes it very difficult for the cars to go. The buses are everywhere, I have never seen so many of them! It is a ...

Terminal 21 entrance by car & motorbike closed!

Police have blocked the entrance for the cars and motorbike at Terminal 21, because the affluence was too high and there was nowhere to park! It happened at 1pm today 31 December 2018. Meanwhile Big C at Marina (200m away) is empty! 555

Seven Eleven Sci-Fi Extravaganza!

This building has been built in one week, sign that when you have the money, you can get things done quickly in Thailand! Inside, with its huge aquarium screen it is looking like a sci fi movie where androids would sell you things with their fixed smile. Definitively a weird place to see. They are ...

Christmas 2018 in Pattaya

Christmas 2018 in Pattaya

I have taken some pictures what I think are the best Christmas decorations this year. Royal Garden is behind. I remember when it was covered in lights a few years ago, this year, just as for Halloween, there is nothing to see there. The City Hall have a very nice display just in front of the ...

Small market with Issean music is back Pattaya Tai

The small market that was very noisy in August is back. It will stay until next year, located behind Big C South Pattaya Tai. There is food, lot of games, and of course a big scene with some big names in country music scheduled until the end of the year. This place is very noisy, and located in the ...

Very high levels of pollution in Pattaya, today and this week end.

While the levels from Ban Khao Hin Hospital in Chonburi are in the orange, the visual from the ground in Pattaya is awful. When Pattaya is looking like a city from India! Many people are reporting difficulties to breath. Pattaya is way more polluted than Chonburi where the statistics are metered. ...

2019 Countdown in Pattaya

2019 Countdown in Pattaya

  Pattaya Countdown 2019 during 30 - 31 December 2018 at the Pier. (Bali Hai Cape) join together to create fun New Year's Eve Celebrate New Year with Pattaya Countdown Celebrate 2 Days 2 Nights with spectacular fireworks display over 20,000 shots throughout Pattaya beach. From ...

Japanese man found dead on Pattaya beach

Pattaya Beach Resort, in front of "The Wave" hotel, close to Central Festival. At 13:30, the Lifeguard Pattaya team was informed by a Russian male tourist that he had found a drowned body in the swimming area close to Central Festival. He brought it to the shore. The Japanese is about 30-35 ...

Mine: high end gaming computer and laptops by JIB

If you are a gaming computer fan this is the place to visit. At Terminal 21, 1st floor is a MINE shop. Mine is the hi-end JIB shops. You are guaranteed to find all the cooling, and expensive gears there. Some pretty impressive setups are worth having a look too. gam    

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