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Bubbles, eggs, lamps?

Bubbles, eggs, lamps?

Panorama of these weird things that are along Sukhumvit, at each crossroads. Now they seems to be finished and working. There some lighting freak in the city hall... but it fun!

Illuminations for the new King

They are revamping Sukhumvit road with some nice illuminations installed around the palm trees. It is in honor of the new King but seems to be installed to be permanent.

Pattaya Nua cables are buried underground (panorama)

  The construction team is doing their best, but it creates a huge mess. The government set a budget of 3 billion baht to be spent on relocating the cables in the four cities below ground in an effort to improve safety and the images of each of the cities. One of them is Pattaya. ...

Good morning Pattaya, clear sky and warm today! (Panorama)

Pattaya this morning from the view point, no Photoshop. Clear sky and hot. Perfect weather for being in vacation in Thailand. I heard that the temperatures are reaching 40 degrees in Europe... we have 30 degrees in the day in Pattaya. It feels like spring!  

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