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Between two downpours, when the sun shines in low season

We are having some really bad weather lately. Bands of rains are passing through Thailand, bringing heavy rain and strong winds. But between two downpours, the sun shines and the air is clean. No pollution, for several months. Enjoy some photo I took a couple of days ago on Pattaya Beach

Beautiful sunset

Beautiful sunset

Tonight we got a wonderful sunset scene... nature is amazing. That's it, nothing scary, worrying, or depressing for once.

A food seller and his dog at Jomtien beach.

Jomtien has become a tourist trap, and food price have soared! You cannot find any Thai food less than 100 baht, even a simple fried rice! Food sellers are the only option for the people who are working there, and the Chinese trapped in the hotels. They are creating an ecosystem where every ...

Pattaya Bikini race 2019!

The Pattaya's most famous running event of the years took place the 8th of June, and we have been lucky that it was not raining that day! Lot of bikini babes (some say 3000+, the Guinness world book representative have apparently approved the record!) some well fit guys and a weirdo! The old ...

Series of stylized pictures of Pattaya

I have gathered these last months a series of pictures about Pattaya that should be liked by the ones who are in love with the "city of cuddle" (that's the name Facebook auto translate gives to the city)... These pictures are from Pattaya and Jomtien. There is only the beach but also some views ...

Illuminations are now installed on beach road!

I have posted the new King celebration's illuminations at Sukhumvit road, but now they are doing it on beach road. It gives a Christmas feeling to the beach. Great job. These are supposed to last only 3 months, but I hope that they will make them permanent.

Sunset at Na Jomtien.

Sunset at Na Jomtien.

Today was a wonderful day. We went to Na Jomtien for a walk. You follow beach road until the end, then you continue, pass through the new buildings in construction and end up in a very small fishing village. You are guaranteed to have a beautiful souvenir there.

King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s coronation.

Thailand on Saturday observed the beginning of an elaborate three-day coronation ceremony for its new king. Last time such a ceremony took place in the country was back in May 1950 for King Bhumibol Adulyadej, also known as Rama IX. Adulyadej passed away in 2016 at the age of 88, after having ...

Beautiful day at Central Festival

We are soon at the end of the high season and already in the dry season. The weather is perfect and hot, the pollution is all gone for now. Enjoy a view of the Central Festival mall from outside. The beach has new imported sand, and it is looking great. Hopefully it will sustain the low season ...

Clear day, blue sky and the beach renovation is finished!

Today was an amazing day, with no pollution and a perfect blue sky. 32 degree Celsius is feeling like spring in Europe. The beach is not completed and it is looking incredible, specially close to Walking Street where the beach was totally gone. It is a little bit late, but today you can see on the ...

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