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Beautiful or artistic pictures from Pattaya and Thailand, exclusive and (c) True Pattaya.

Amazing Pattaya Beach deserted because of Covid-19

Since the Covid-19 is keeping the tourists away from Pattaya, the nature is back in force. It took less than a year to clean up the water and the sky. Hopefully the tourists will be allowed to come back, but please, keep the industrial tourism away, the buses and tours were only destroying the ...

Thepprasit market is food extravaganza!

The Thepprasit market was famous for being a huge touristic attraction before the Covid-19. It is happening every Friday and Saturdays. Lot of people are still coming, even if it is hard to see any farang anymore. Thai people seems to enjoy this market too. There is a new fashion, the ...

Dongtan Beach is Amazing!

I thought that I will never say that but thanks to the Covid-19 to have solved at least temporarily the many problems caused by the mass tourism these last 5 years. I have never seen such a clean beach, such pristine water, and such a clean air in Pattaya for the 11 years I have been ...

Jomtien Beach update June 2021

Jomtien Beach never been so attractive. Every day we have clean air, no car traffic and plenty of space to sit and enjoy the sun. The water is very clean when it is not raining. It is brown after the heavy monsoon downpours. Enjoy some nice pictures I have made while I was waiting my cao man ...

Pattaya June 2021 first impressions

Pattaya is not dead as some are saying online. It is quiet and only some sectors of Pattaya are really dead: the ex night life sections. Basically Walking Street, soi LK, soi 6,7,8 on beach road are completely empty, 99% of all shops are closed. The nightlife is completely gone. However, for ...

Hotels writing “FIGHT” messages for all to see.

Several hotels are lighting rooms to express a resistance message by writing "FIGHT" in Thai language. The tourism industry is totally shut down by the drastic decisions by the authorities in a bid to avoid the covid-19 spread. Most people have lost their jobs, and the most lucky ones who were ...

A dog at the beach

A dog at the beach

I was driving along the beach at Jomtien when I saw this dog enjoying the sunset in a little hole. So cute!

Pattaya September 2012

Pattaya September 2012

Just to remind why people were loving Pattaya and posting video on youtube. Mass tourism and reckless development changed the once relax city in a major hysterical tourist hub. In 2012, no laser in the sky, no speedboats, no unfinished skyscrapers, no high raised buildings on Pratakmak...

A nice boat parked in Jomtien.

I love these kind of old American cars. They are shining like stars in the streets and remember us that back in the 60-70's the American dream was real.

Her Majesty the Queen Mother’s Birthday 2019

Happy Birthday!In Thailand, the Queen of former King Bhumibol is honored with a public holiday on her birthday. The day is also called “Queen Mother’s Birthday” as Queen Sirikit is the mother of reigning king Vajiralongkorn. The holiday comes on 12 August. It is a day to remember the ...

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