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Liver cancer death rate: Thailand in the top 10.

Why all South Asian countries have cancer death rate so low? Why so many people get Hepatitis in these countries? Alcohol? Food? Environment? Source:

Waste water treatment: when the City Hall will fix the problem?

There was a 12M baht budget allocated last year plus millions more scheduled for this year. Where this money went? Because there is no improvement about the waste water in Pattaya. These pictures were taken today. No rain for several days, so this water is not coming from the rain, it is brown, ...

Accident on Pattaya Tai: no helmet in sigh.

Another lives changed forever. No helmet in sigh. When Thai people will realize that wearing an helmet can save their lives? Most of the witnesses where without helmet. Are they going to buy one after seing this? Nope. I have seen so many people on the ground, bleeding from the head since I am in ...

How to stop reckless drivers driving in the wrong direction?

In Khon Kaen Municipality, they are experimenting reverse anti-driving devices... apparently some people are taking extreme mesures to stop the reckless drivers who are driving in the wrong way... if they start using these in Pattaya it will sure upset many people. But what can be done to teach ...

Pollution this morning at North Pattaya beach.

The "family resort" was looking more like pollution infested by chemical waste this morning. When I see this, I don't understand why the pollution do not become the top priority of the City Hall. What about the image of Thailand?

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by Nikko