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Big C hypocritical no bag day!

Big C are trying to do the same scam that they did in France 10 years ago. No more bags for the environment? They put the blame on you for the plastic bag issue, when in reality removing the bags is not fixing the problem, it makes it even worse. You still need bags to use for your trash, and if ...

Is this enough to remind Thais drivers about road civility?

Thais are legendary known for their lack of civility. They are going first no matter what. Selfishness is the common attitude on the road, and the result is a very high number of accident. That's simple if you want to die in your vacation, you can either go do a  road trip in Syria, or drive in ...

Pattaya’s Marina… for doing what?

So Pattaya has a marina? With all the money the City spent on this place, why nobody is using it? Because it is not finished? Who is in charge of this mess? Thousands of boats are waiting in the middle of the public beach, while the marina is empty? Who is responsible of this disaster? Maybe it is ...

Disgusting beach. When the city will fix?

Between Mike Shopping mall and Royal garden at the most popular place, here is how Pattaya beach is looking like. I feel bad for this tourist and her kid to be obliged to stay on this small part of the free beach that is not totally salvaged. The beach operators are occupying the best part and ...



The sky should be blue, but there is this haze instead. It smells like burn outside. What is  happening? Farmers are doing fires?

Given 24h to leave her room.

Given 24h to leave her room.

Today we helped this girl to move to another room in emergency. She had a "room for staff" but she decided to leave her job for various understandable reasons. The human resource from the xxx (cannot say) group asked her 7000 baht or she needed to leave under 24h. 7000 baht is about what she was ...

Elle & Vire scam.

Elle & Vire scam.

More French people trying to make money in Thailand doing the old magician trick. 125g in France, 100g in Thailand, Thai people have smaller stomach. But what about the price then? In France: 21 Baht, in Thailand 38 baht. Less quantity for twice the price! $$$$$

Liver cancer death rate: Thailand in the top 10.

Why all South Asian countries have cancer death rate so low? Why so many people get Hepatitis in these countries? Alcohol? Food? Environment? Source:

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