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Coral Beach at Pattaya, beautiful place but so polluted!

Coral beach is between North Pattaya beach and Wongamat Beach... It seems that all the shit from south Naklua is dumped here. Such a shame. This place could be a paradise. Even the beach is soaked with kerosene from the fishermen.

How to stop reckless drivers driving in the wrong direction?

In Khon Kaen Municipality, they are experimenting reverse anti-driving devices... apparently some people are taking extreme mesures to stop the reckless drivers who are driving in the wrong way... if they start using these in Pattaya it will sure upset many people. But what can be done to teach ...

Pollution this morning at North Pattaya beach.

The "family resort" was looking more like pollution infested by chemical waste this morning. When I see this, I don't understand why the pollution do not become the top priority of the City Hall. What about the image of Thailand?

North Pattaya beach disaster after only 30 min of heavy rain

Everyone were expecting this result after some flooding at North Pattaya. The sewers tubes are clogged and the water spills out to the beach, draining the new sand with it. You cannot fix the beach without fixing the flood. That is what you can see in these pictures  the rehabilitation is still ...

Smoking ban joke.

Smoking ban joke.

February 2018, the police and the army have launched a campaign about a smoking ban and warned of up to 100,000 baht fine if you drop a cigarette but on the beach. What did happen since? ...Nothing. More joke about the authorities in Pattaya, too busy checking tourists helmets maybe?  Check the ...

The Jet-Ski scam is on TV in China.

The Jet-Ski scam is on TV in China.

If you know Thailand, you probably heard about the infamous Jet Ski scam where the operators accuse the renter of having damaged the jet ski and ask expensive compensation. This was going on for years in Pattaya with the police helping the fraudster by intervening to simulate a negotiation to get a ...

Welcome to the worse mass tourism resort in the world: Pattaya!

The boat operators and the authorities are ignoring the damage done to the beach by these boats. Who can rent a room on beach road with this view, such a noise, and do you know that these boats are doing a lot of pollution, a lot more than trucks and buses? No education and irresponsibility leads ...

When you see cooking oil looking like this: do not buy.

They are selling "panini" (Thai name for these small beignets) at the Ratanakhorn market on Trepassit road every morning. I drive every day there and every day for more than one year I smell the horrible oil. I think that they never change it, they only add more when there is not enough. One day ...

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