Dongtan Beach is Amazing!


I thought that I will never say that but thanks to the Covid-19 to have solved at least temporarily the many problems caused by the mass tourism these last 5 years.

I have never seen such a clean beach, such pristine water, and such a clean air in Pattaya for the 11 years I have been staying here.

Koh Larn and the other islands are crisp, you can feel like if you can touch them! No more nasty smog!

My telephone do not give justice to the reality, it is a bit old and the images are blurred, but I can tell, it is breathtaking.

Having such a beautiful beach with so many facilities and shops in the same place is unique in the world!

You can even do some shelling, there are plenty of small corals and colorful shells.

Or you can go eat some Ganja fuelled cake or tea? where else?

The beach is huge, you can do your jogging or bring the kids to play!

Some locals are enjoying their beach, without all the dirty tourists, and their nasty buses!

There is absolutely no pollution!

Thanks Covid-19 to have made this a reality. Hopefully the Thais will learn the lesson.

If not, I feel blessed to be here. The travel and the quarantine are complicated, but it is worth doing it.

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by Nikko