Pattaya June 2021 first impressions


Pattaya is not dead as some are saying online. It is quiet and only some sectors of Pattaya are really dead: the ex night life sections. Basically Walking Street, soi LK, soi 6,7,8 on beach road are completely empty, 99% of all shops are closed. The nightlife is completely gone.

However, for the rest, everything is quiet and all open. Tons of restaurants, most of them, even new ones, all the shopping malls, all the markets are open normally.

The traffic is easy, and you can drive from A to B with your car without any traffic jam. There are a lot of Thais but just a few farangs.

My feeling is that Pattaya might be the best place in the world to retire in these time of Covid-19, if you are not interested by prostitutes and the night life.

Trepassit road has all its markets open, Trepassit Market in the week ends, Rakanakorn market for the fresh fruits and vegetables, and of course the second hand market. The 2 gas stations are now open side to side with a new coffee shop.

Trepassit Market Outside
Trepassit market Inside
Trepassit Market Inside
Trepassit Night Market

Jomtien has never been so beautiful, the contrast with before is amazing. The air is clean, with no pollution, people are swimming in the clean sea. The gay and lady massages on the beach are still there.

Jomtien Clean beach
Jomtien at Night

There are a lot less noisy motorbikes, and absolutely no buses, just a few baht buses (Tsong Tang) turning around beach road.

Terminal 21, Central Festival, Tukcom are quiet but all open. You can eat in your favorite restaurant like Number 8, MK, etc… or fix your computer as usual.

Central Festival is very quiet, but most shops are open, including the food court.
Tukcom has 50% of the small shops closed, but JIB and other IT shops are open as usual. Second hand market is active and most closed shops where duplicates.
Terminal 21 has a new parking built in front of it, but inside everything is open. Only a few people are walking.

A lot of small Thai restaurants are not even bothering doing their menus in English! And the prices are Thai prices: 50 baht for a Paneng Gai! The money hungry businesses have closed and be replaced by businesses for Thai.

The dark side with soi Kaonoi, soi Muslim or soi Country Club are exactly the same as it was before, with even more markets and shops.

Pratukmak hill is very quite but Cosy beach has 3x 7/11 open and a dozen of small restaurants. Lot of taxi motorbikes as usual and the Sky Gallery is always open with the series of hi-so restaurant like the Chocolate Factory. The place is really busy the week ends.

Big C and Tesco lotus have plenty of food and Big C extra even have more sushies and take away meals.

Big C extra Pattaya Klang is offering the same thing, here is the famous backery.

The night life is really dead for a long time, Walking Street road is being renovated and they are installing the new sewerage, this will take at least one year, so in my opinion, there is no hope for a reopening soon.

Most of the Thais seems to enjoy the city without all the bars. No more bad image of Thailand with all the prostitutes on the beach, the coconut bar is closed also, as well as all the Gentlemen’s clubs.

La Poste the gentlemen’s club from soi Lengkee is closed.
Walking Street is being re-worked. All the ground will be open to change the drains.

Soi LK is deserted as well as soi 8,9,10. Most restaurants are also dead like Tequila Reef for example.

Bars are all closed.

Conclusion: I love Pattaya right now. I do not need bars and girls, so everything is perfect for me. Less pollution, less traffic, less stress, cheaper, but with all the incredible tourism infrastructure with all the crazy shopping malls, and choice of everything.

The beach in the night… becoming a family and friend place. There are more dogs than prostitutes!

If you are not bar addict, Pattaya is a wonderful place, welcoming and with a lot of things to do at a bargain price. You better come before they are re-opening (do not expect a full re-opening before 1 or 2 years, minimum though). Some people say that Pattaya has become better for living than Phuket, because of all the facilities immediately accessible within a 5 min motorbike ride, and using your car is not a problem, because of no traffic!

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