Tok-Q sushi train


Probably the best quality for that price in all Pattaya. You will pay 5x less than Fuji but the quality is the same. Awarded for it cleanness, I have eaten there countless of time. At the beginning they had some issues that I reported to the Thai manager.

They were not streaming the grey parts of the Salmon. I know it is something that Thais don’t care, but sushis are an art and the grey part of the salmon often hide some tiny worm and a bad taste. This is not happening anymore.

They were hiding inside the maki where you cannot see the bad parts (fat, or grey parts)… I again complained and I have never seen that for a long time.

They were adding water to the soja sauce… I too complained and it is fixed.

Now, I went about 10 times and it was all perfect. I cannot recommend more this place now that they have fixed all the problems. Fresh, tasty and cheap, I love it. Also their train delivery is very original.

Sushi train is located at the Food court floor with the Cinema at Terminal 21. Opposite Subway!

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by Nikko