La Baguette, French restaurant, overpriced but nice.


I know places in Paris, close to the Champs Elysee, which are selling salads less expensive and bigger than that one. That’s the turn off for me.

The place is looking great, the cakes are good, the quiche was too fat but tasted good, the place is cozy and the music is fine, what else? Service was good too.

Located at Thappraya road, going down to Jomtien just after the crossroad with the road that climb on Pratakmak hill, it is easy to pass in front of it and never see it. It is the second instance with the one located at Naklua.

La Baguette is a great place to stop drinking a tea (120 baht bug high quality, not Lipton Yellow!) or eat some cake (120 baht average). The flan is way overpriced at 120 baht and taste the same as the one in promotion at Big C which costs 25 baht! Nothing is easier than making a flan, it should cost 50 baht no more.

However some other cakes are delicious, like this New York cheese cake, or the Rainbow cake.

Salads are very basic but the sauces are good and they also provide olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Water is 35 baht.

They are also selling some parma ham at an unbelievable price of 750 baht for 5 slices thin like cigarette paper… I have never seen such a rip off anywhere, way more expensive than in France. It must be caviar price by kg!

Thai seems to like go there to show their money to their friends. If it was less expensive, they would probably not come. For me, I went 2 times with friends, I will not go another, just because, I know the real price of things, it is quite insulting to read these price here in Pattaya! This place is for rich Thais.

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by Nikko