New tax on sugary drinks.


New tax, on sugary drinks to be applied from October 2019. The Thai government seems to finally take the mesure of the deadly excess of sugar in a lot of products. Sugar is an addictive product, that can make people sick if consumed excessively. Cancer, Diabetes, and overweight are some of the consequences of it.

In 2017, the Thai government had asked to the manufacturer to write the level of sugar on their products. At this time there were only 50-60 products with these information. 3 years after, they have accounted about 300 products with the level of sugar used on the sticker.

Sugary drinks

Starting from October, a new tax will be imposed on sugared drinks, and this tax will be asked to the manufacturer directly so that it should not change the final price for the consumer. These taxes will help to finance the cost of the raise of needed treatment for the people who are getting sick because of the sugar.

But are they going to check the traditional Thai food one day? Most chief are using 2 big spoon of refined sugar to make the sauce of a Fried Basil chicken or porc. And Som Tam has a huge chunk of yellow cane sugar in it…

Not yet, this tax is for the sugary drinks only. But it is a first step in the right direction.

Here is the graphic with the taxes.

Taxes starting from October 2019

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