Pattaya and Jomtien low season feeling


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That’s the low season feeling. Everything is more dark and humid. Wind is blowing and waves are taking the lives of some reckless tourists. The sunsets are dramatic and the tourists are staying only one night, the time to take some pictures, do some shopping and going with their buses to another direction.
The low season feeling is the same everywhere in the world. It is the time to settle and think about the future.

High season will some soon, with the air pollution and the bad numbers about tourism. Thailand has burnt all its beauty, only is left the make up and the photoshopped pictures.

Thais have exploited all their natural resources. The mass tourism has devastated the country. The corals are dead, the water is not clean, anywhere you go, plastic is on the beach, fishes lost their colors, from Phuket to Hua Hin to Pattaya.

The feeling in Pattaya has changed. Gone the smile and the kiddie Thais playing with anything and laughing all the time. Now they are all in debt, slaves like us. The smile has changed in a grimace.

Even the Thai food, filled with sugar has become toxic, Thai are complaining “why food taste so bad in Pattaya”? Because people who cook don’t care about anything else than making money, and leave.

Gone the parades every week on beach road. The festivals on the beach were quasi permanent, fruits, vegetable, schools, local associations. There was always a reason to do a parade or sell something on beach road.

Gone the fireworks when the hotels were full. Before Prayut, we had mini fireworks every day. It was like Christmas daily, and people were looking so relaxed and happy.

Gone the festive feeling at the entertainment places. The international brands are taking over and soon Pattaya will look like another city, a tourist trap built to enrich some at the expense of the majority.

Thai people do not like Pattaya. They come to make money. You can see it in their eyes, they are waiting to go back to their home, where you can sit and relax and where they are happy and have friends.

Gone Pattaya, the sex capital of the world, for 5000 bath a girl, you better stay home and call this young student that will cost you the same price there, and will be probably cleaner.

The army has destroyed the festive feeling in this country, not only in Pattaya. They are against happiness, made the life of expats a hell, complicated the visa, show their racism and xenophobia, and now that most are leaving, business are closing. If you want to see what the army like just visit Sattahip. Everything is closed at 8pm. No farang restaurants. No entertainment. It is the middle age.

The army want this country to stay retarded. They hate enjoyment and fun. Their things is buying new military trucks and do drills. So much fun – Not.

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by Nikko