Extending Entertainment Hours to 4am or even to all night debate… what about sound pollution?


There is a lot of excitement, mainly from the entertainment business owners who are thinking that having 24/7 entertainment hours would be a good thing for their business. They are pushing to an extension from the 2am closing rule to 4am.

Meetings in Pattaya with all the “actors” of the entertainment sector are in full force and we will soon see some impressive declaration about the change of the limit time for the entertainment and sell of alcohol pushed from 2am to 4am.

I have even seen pools online and people who are trying to convince others about even staying open 24/7.

Loud sound is a pollution. And people need to sleep. Right now, in the event of some noisy abuse we have a phone number: 0827999111, if you call them at 2am and an establishment is not closed, they will come with their trucks and force them to close. It is working.

There are a limited number of entertainment owners who are pushing changing hours; these people are making a living of selling noise and alcohol, they don’t care if you sleep at night, making noise pollution is their business model, but they are just a hundred of people.

However I do not see any representative in these meetings of the + 1 Million people living in Pattaya permanently, working in hotels and restaurants, running the city, most of the time in dire living conditions and without too many choices to where to sleep. I also do not see any representative of the expat community who are staying in Pattaya full time and are not going out late in their majority. I also do not see any representative of the millions of people who are coming in Pattaya in transit between Bangkok and another destination, coming in buses to spend one night or two, do a Pattaya tour and then going to another destination the next day: these are 12 Million people per year. You can be sure that after a busy day in many places, like Koh Larn, they expect to have a good night of sleep before taking the bus again the next day!

After this decisions will be implemented, there will be no legal reason to stop any reckless behavior that selfish Thais like to do, for example: drinking all night with music for a birthday, private parties etc…

What if a Karaoke is opening right down to your windows at your condo, and you listen the low frequencies bam bam bam bam all day and all night? What if a super-car with a 10,000 Watts amplification stop under your window, and a bunch of Thai guys are starting to make a party and drink beers at 3am?

People living in high building will be particularly affected, the sound is traveling from far away without anything in between its source and its destination.

I think that this decision will create a nightmare scenario also for a lot of Thai people who are working in the day, going to work early in the morning with no peace in the night to rest.

I see this decision to be a very selfish one, motivated by some owners in the entertainment industry and that will not change much about what we have now, except that it will open the way to all kind of abuses.

We have the water pollution, the air pollution, this will add the sound pollution to the list. Condo owners will suffer from that new rules, I think about “The grass” condo for example that is already very exposed to the restaurants closing at 4am, is this problem will extend to all Pattaya? And all the people around Jomtien Beach where the Thais like to sit with their huge sound powered trucks. Hotels, and tourists who are traveling will get trapped in the mess, for what benefit?

This time extension should be limited to a very small portion of the city, Walking Street, soi LK and some beach soi like soi 6 and 7. For the rest of the city, the 2am law should still be enforced by the police as it is now… noise and alcohol sellers need to respect the ones who are running this city with their every work, tourists who are passing by and need to rest between two bus travels: they are the huge majority.

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by Nikko