Subway USA and Subway Thailand are not selling the same sandwiches.

2 pictures I did myself, one in the USA, one in Thailand. In Thailand the ham, beef and chicken are low grade industrial crap that no one would eat in the USA.

Subway, USA / Thailand. Not the same! If McDonald, Burger King, and KFC for example are doing the same size and have the same ingredients, it is not the case about Subway. The ham, and turkey are totally different and the quantity are not the same too. The quality is much lower in Thailand, but what about the price? 
You would expect that because the business rentals are lower, the taxes are lower and the salaries are way much lower than in America, they would sell the same or better here, or at least less expensive? Nah. It is the opposite; a Meatball foot long sandwich costs $5.50 (168 baht) in America, in Thailand it is 239 baht ($7.8). #greed#thailand#subway
And for the rest of the menu, just check these 2 pictures I took myself.

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by Nikko