New Food court at Central Festival!


The new food court at Central Festival is looking great, its name is Food Park. It seems that they tried to copy the food court from Terminal 21. But the prices!!! +500 baht for a simple pepperoni pizza!? Boiled Chicken 140 baht? Som Tam 120 bath?
The food court at Harbor was pretty much the same, over priced and guess what happened? It is closed now.
In my opinion it is a tourist trap, there is nothing better in there than in any other food court that justify the price apart from the location, so why paying 4 times the normal price? This place is doomed to fail, because of greed. At this point, Pattaya is starting to become insane about the prices, greed is so shocking and in the face that it becomes a complete turn off. If you want to attract tourists, do not rip them off! Some items are more expensive than in south of France, Singapore, Japan or Spain! Avoid.

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by Nikko