Young Thai Girls are looking like Dwarfs?


(funny post warning) What did happened to the Thai society? Ten years ago all the Thai girls were slim and tiny ladies. They always had a strong personality, but their small size was one of the reason men from all over the world were flocking into Thailand, looking for a perfect tiny wife…

Now it seems that the junk food like CP stuff and other 7/11 low cost meals have ended that. The multiplication of the sugar in Thai food is also to blame. Do you know that in a grapaow meal, they put 2 big spoons of sugar. And in som tam they add a huge chunk of sugarcane that size has doubled in several years. This addiction to sugar have pushed the soup seller to add more sugar in their soup too, to keep their customers. They add sugar in everything, even in the sushis.

Thailand is now a sugar addicted country, with Diabète soaring (sic. a doctor in the Bangkok Hospital).

As a result the physiognomy of the young generation has changed, and they are now looking like tanks, solid with big bones and generally fat.

The Thai elite who own all the shops must enjoy a better productivity, these women can do the same work as men, and can work in the rice fields without being tired…

One example of a young girl in her 20’s built like a tank. That’s a funny post, do not take it too seriously.

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by Nikko