The truth about Thai people


This is not going to please most of the readers, but it is based on my own experience, being in Thailand full time +9 years.

Update: my Facebook page has been deleted just after I posted this article. 

Update 2: the page has been deleted 2 times, and reinstalled 2 times after I appealed the decision. The attitude of the Thai totally conform all what is written in this article.

Thai people have no interest in their life apart from money. The nurses, the lawyers, the regular girls or the bar girls: they all don’t care about anything else apart from money, and the whole society is affected.

If you are with many Thai friends, specially the young ones, at a party for example. They do not talk with each other. They do not care about each other. They have no interest to talk about, not about movies, music, or art, not about politics history or science. They are just playing Facebook together. Their brain is totally empty. The only conversation they have is about the cost of things.

If you talk with a girl you meet online, and you ask questions, you will get a “why you ask so many questions?”. The girl will never ask you any question about your life, your job, or anything else that is not related to money and the way she can get money from you. If you ask too many questions, she will dump you because you give her a headache, you “talk too much”. Now I know how to get a girl to like you online and get a date with her. Do not talk! Just send a smiley from time to time. Do not forget a good morning and a good night. Send a picture of your food. After a week, she is addicted to you and want to see you. That means you can fuck her, because there is nothing complicated apart having the acceptance, once you have it, you get all open bar. If you make any mistake, she get bored “i am bua, I not understand you, you talk too much”. Bye bye. Thinking is the worse thing you can ask to a girl in Thailand.

In the business it is the same. There is no respect for the customers in Thailand. They can charge you more because of your face, from Bangkok Hospital to the local small restaurants, it is normal here to make as much money as possible out of you, regardless of what they have to offer. They do it with each other and with foreigner, it is normal for them. It works because Thais are so dumb that it is easy to get them to pay 800 baht of Antibiotics in a brand Hospital, that are the same as the one at 120 Baht in a pharmacy. “The medicine is better” they say. Really? Anything told in advertising is taken for granted. People do not question anything they read or see at the television.

Selling drugs, or being a prostitute is not regarded badly. Sure they will not say that it is a good thing, but they respect the drug dealer, the corrupted officer and the underground casino, because they make a lot of money. Money is the master value that overwrites all the others.

You will have a hard time to find anyone concerned by your sickness, or your well being. Specially girls. If you hurt your legs, and you can walk to the ATM, then everything is fine. Thai people don’t give a shit about anything related to you apart from your money. You can die in front of them, they would be concerned about how much will cost the cleaning after, or how much they will make by organizing your funerals. So many example of people complaining about their scratched car while another is dying in a pool of blood at their feet!

Thais are lying about their education, it is so widespread that now every job is asking to the new employees to pass a mini IQ test to verify that they are qualified enough. Even for a waitress. And for any work related to money like a cashier, you need to provide someone else to guarantee you, because stealing money is also natural and it happens so much that you cannot be cashier if you do not make your family sign a contract as collateral. They do the same for the uniforms, they give 3 uniforms but keep 2000 baht from the first salary. And you won’t get the uniform before you start working, you take your own shirt the first month. Because people are taking the uniforms, change job and sell the uniforms for money.

Thai people loan money to each other, because it is the only way to make friends, specially in Pattaya. When you loan to people, then you have their respect. The whole population of Thailand are submissive to money. From the police, judges and of course the regular people, if you are rich and Thai, you can do whatever you want. There is no limits if you are very rich. If you are not Thai, you do not have these privilèges, but being rich helps for everything.

People are thinking that America is the most greedy country in the world, but that’s not true. I have lived in America 5 years and made great friends, people are very nice there, they do not see only your wealth and your wallet. I still have a lot of American friends in my Facebook, and this is also the case with Europeans and Russians.

About Thai people in 9 years I have met 2 people who were “normal”. The rest is all at the level of monkey intelligence. They can do the coffee, and serve you good, but try to have a real conversation with any Thai. And it is not a problem of language, some Thais are speaking very good English, the problem is that they are incredibly stupid. To the point that most of us are in denial because it seems too crazy to believe it. But it is factual.

Make a test. Ask any Thai simple mathematics problems. 9 divide by 3 for example. Or ask them “if you drive at 50 km per hours, and you drive 2 hours, how many km you have made?”. Or “is the Earth flat?”. You will get “what is Earth, what is km or what is divide?”. You can translate in Thai, they still do not understand the question.

Most people in Thailand cannot do an IQ test because they cannot understand the questions. Or even do not understand what is an IQ test and the purpose of it. Because they cannot focus on something complicated more than 10 minutes, they will give up and go.

So I met 2 people, one guy and one girl who are “normal”. That’s it.

Thailand has no engineers. Everything is subcontracted. The underpass at Pattaya was made by Malaysians, and after it was finished, they waited 6 month to open it, just because no one knew how to operate it!

To understand why the education is so low in this country, you have to go in a school and see what is happening. In Africa, in Middle East, you have these schools where the teachers are trying their best with almost no books and money.

In Thailand, teachers and kids are playing with their phone all day long. Kids are going in and out from the classroom. They cannot focus 1 hours, that’s impossible. They play Facebook all day., play with each others. It is first grade at any level. I have seen that in Ubon, Koh Chang and Pattaya.

And about the University, that’s laughable. People pay to get the paper, and the rich kids are not even attending the school.

What is the future of Thailand? Not Good. Vietnam, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia for example does not have this low education model. You cannot have a future without a minimum of rooted values in the society, so Thailand is I think at its peek and surrounding countries will progressively take the lead.

If you come here, do not expect meeting a girl you will be happy with unless you are stupid at the same level. If your IQ is better than 100 you are in the 0.1% most intelligent in Thailand. In Pattaya, no Thai can match your superior brain, and you will not be happy with anyone here because of this disparity.

You might find interesting people in Bangkok. But in Pattaya, forget it. It is greed city, city of the stupid, capital of the dumb.

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by Nikko