The tale of Big C Salad Bar


Remember my article The Tale of the Chocolate Croissant? Here is more about Big C trying to rob their customers … and failing.

These pictures are worth more than a long explanation

1- the price of the salad bar in every Big C was 19 Baht / 100 grams.

2- one day, someone at Big C though, “let’s pretend that the salad bar was at 45 baht/100 grams and make a promotion at 29 Bath / 100 grams“. That’s a 100% price increase but the bozo customer don’t know!

Promotion from 45 baht per 100 gram!!! It is 1.5 Eur per 100 gram of salad! 555

3- They did it everywhere in Pattaya, not only in Big C extra Pattaya Thai. A good idea must be spread everywhere. Lot of money from travelers who don’t know what was the price before is waiting! Let’s the price go to the Moon!

4- Customers, don’t buy. It is a disaster. They even closed some salad bars in consequence! Actually, they probably lost money.

Salad bar closed, no sales 555

5- Lesson learned? Today the guy at Big C landed back on Earth with the original price of 19 Baht / 100 grams.

We are not Bozos!

Click on this image to see a proof that this story really happened!

July 2019: Today I eat a superb salad purchased at Big C Extra for 50 baht! Thank you Big C, do not change this price 19 baht / 100 grams, and I come every day!

Update! The salad bar is back at Big C south Pattaya. Lesson learned? At 19 baht/100 gram.

Another Update August 2019: they did it again! Up to 29 Baht / 100 gram, lesson learned? Nah.

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by Nikko