Plastic bag hypocrisy!


Big C and Tops brands wants to convince you that the pollution in the Ocean is because of you. You are the cause of all these problems! You are the one to blame. And it is working.

The Monkey Customer can take his own bag every time he goes to the supermarket and he gona feel better, “I have contributed to save the world!”.

They want to sell you these plastic bags.

Or maybe he is just an idiot?

Big C and Tops are talking to you like if you are a chimpanzee. They are saying that the problem of the plastic in the world is you. They are surfing on the “save the planet” wave, and use you because you don’t want to be bad, you don’t want to be the cause of all this pollution. All these animals dying because of you?

Big C and Tops are not the cause of the problem, it is you only you.

Because, apparently the pollution is an issue only for the bags that are given for free!

For everything else, they are selling a lot of plastic, and hard ones that last +10,000 years. check this out (pictures from inside Big C of course). These doesn’t seems to be a problem for them!

In the mean time, Big C is ready to sell you the bags, because of course it is embarrassing to buy 2 bottles of water and drive a scooter without a bag.

Biodegradable plastic bags are manufactured in China for a long time, and their cost is very LOW! There are plenty of suppliers at Alibaba ready to take Big C and Tops orders!

Biodegradable bags, are cheap, and widely available.

But of course the reason of this culpabilisation campaign is greed. They want to sell these bags to you. They contain more plastic and pollute a lot, but they don’t care. If they are selling them, they make profit and what about saving the planet?

They want to sell these, don’t be fooled.

There are thousands of different bags brands that are selling biodegradable and eco-friendly bags and bottles, available at a very low price, but Big C and Tops are not aware of that. Check these for example:

They have no excuse to ignore the biodegradable market. They already include the price of the bags into their products. Their “no bag” campaign is an obvious culpabilisation propaganda campaign to force you to buy bags and save them the money to buy them as a service. Are they going to lower their prices because they are not giving bags anymore? No, of course. Money, money, money… do not buy at these place unless they really stop selling non eco friendly plastic containers and bags!

Until they fix their policy, they are greedy hypocrites that should be avoided.

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by Nikko