Cargo Explosion at Laem Chabang Pieer.


A cargo explosion is spreading chemicals in the air at the Laem Chabang Pier. Several toxic substance are reported in the form of some sort of resin. Several people are affected with rash and burns are treated in the close by parking area. The authorities are asking to the people to evacuate at a 5km distance from the fire if they are in the direction of the wind.

Quick translation of the news.
Hazardous substances, health effects from the explosion at the pier ..
From the case of the Connor tanker carrying chemical substances in the KMTC Honkong boat, parked at the A2 port of Laem Chabang jetty, there was an explosion and fire. powder, which the information from the safety document says:

1.Resin solution is polyester resin and others are mostly composed of polystyrene with explosive and flammable properties. With a flash point of 33 degrees Must be kept away from heat Sparking Hot area Should be stored in containers using explosion-proof electrical / ventilating / lighting equipment affecting the health of the eyes is irritating to the eyes Causing double vision, including swelling and redness, and if receiving large amounts, will destroy vision Will destroy the central nervous system, the skin causes severe burning sensation Etc. If received, must use clean water, rinse eyes and body continuously for at least 15 minutes. And send to the doctor for further examination, extinguishing the fire must use foam. Dry chemical powder. Carbon dioxide (CO2) Do not use water to spray.

2. Cerium is a metal type solid powder, used as sand powder, glass polishing, or used as a color alloy, with a gray-black color that can be ignited by itself, and if reacted with water may explode Therefore must be kept away from heat No smoking in the storage area. Must be stored in a dry and sealed area. Do not cause spark of sparks etc. There is a health impact that is irritating to the eyes. Severe respiratory and skin systems, must be washed with water for 15 minutes and see a doctor immediately, otherwise there will be chronic effects and severe toxicity to animals as well. , Extinguishing the fire requires foam. Dry chemical powder. Carbon dioxide (CO2) Do not use water to spray.

3. Ban Na and nearby communities should be careful of the exposure of vapors from such chemicals. Evacuate at least 5 km at the end of the wind.

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