Best of Brawls Songkran 2019


Songkran is far to be a nice family event outside of the parade and the temple. With alcohol, all kind of problems are happening that are not advertised by the governments because it could create a tourism prejudice; groped girls, people doing sex in public, accidents, and fights.

Brawls are pretty common, and you don’t want to bring your kids in a place where a brawl erupt and dozen of crazy Thais are fighting like upset cats! An advice, avoid the night. Go out in the day, close to the police station on beach road, there should be no problem there.

That’s Songkran too. Enjoy some video found on the web taken along the 6 first days of Songkran 2019.

Songkran is not finished in Pattaya, so I might add some more in the next few days!

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by Nikko