Songkran 2019 Starting today


While officially Songkran is from the 13th to the 15th of April, it would probably extend to the 21th in Pattaya.

Songkran is a water fest, celebrating the new year in Thailand. It is happening at the hottest time of the years, hence why people are splashing water.

Enjoy these 3 days of fun!

Now there is the extended Songkran time in Pattaya, that last 7 more days. This has nothing to do with the nice tradition, it is a consumerist alcohol fuelled time, where a minority of Songkran extremist are having fun splashing people going to work and tourists. These 7 days extension are paralyzing the city and many business are closing (Tequila Reef, La Boulange etc…) because they cannot operate normally. People who are going to work are disturbed and must take a change, people get sick because of the iced water – and sometime they add shit into it, so fun.

The city is not able to work normally at this time and this is leading to a huge loss of business for most. The news have reported less than 60% occupation in the hotels, which is a huge drop from last year. It seems that tourists and Thais are both avoiding Pattaya. It is not a surprise, why coming in Pattaya if you cannot go out without being splashed by buckets of iced water? Are you going to go to the supermarket or the restaurant soaked by cold water? Aircon and soaked clothes are not really fun, and people get sick.

The ones who are fuelling this water wars are the bars of course who are selling more alcohol and giving free water guns and iced water to their customers in exchange for a drink. You want to participate to the water battle and get the right to bully everyone; buy a drink or go somewhere else.

Retarded drunks are splashing everyone passing by with scooters, which leads to many accidents, and statistics show that more than 50% of the girls complained being groped at this time of the year in 2018.

Here are picture of Songkran, the real Songkran.

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by Nikko