Assessment of the beach after the strong thunderstorm April 2nd: pretty bad.


Here is a gallery showing the state of the beach after the first strong thunderstorm from April 2nd. There are a dozen of strong thunderstorm within a year, we are in Thailand and rain season can bring important downpours that are draining the sand from the beach.

Last year, the city invested about 2 Billions baht in a total beach improvement. Despite being late by 6 months, the city praised the result and even made a promotional video to compare the new beach with Miami Beach!

The conclusion is quite bad, while some part of the beach are not damaged – the part that were also not damaged before and didn’t need any renovation – the rest is gone at every intersections. The loss can be several meters high, and I guess millions of tons of sands have been washed away.

It is the first strong thunderstorm of the year. What will be left by the end of the low season? Not much I am afraid.

Why the officials are not doing following the nature and doing rivers where needed instead of blocking the way out for the water with sand that will be obviously gone after each thunderstorm? Help the nature instead of fighting against it. These pictures will show you that the solution to renovate the beach every year is not working. We enjoyed a beautiful beach… 2 months! Money spend in Billions for nothing.

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by Nikko