Is Thailand the next Venuzuella?


I am not a supporter of any party, but at a geopolitical scale, it is obvious that this election was the occasion for the West to get control over East Asia again.

The coup in 2014 was a major blow to the Western powers that were totally controlling this part of Asia through the Taksin machinery, his setup to change Thailand into a Western puppet based on the Western concept of democratie.

Thailand is the most important country in East Asia, because of its geographical location, that’s why it was one of the prefered stop for the US Navy in the region. Plus Thailand is open minded, not blocked by religious resistance and is therefore the ideal country facing China, that could be easily controlled from outside.

If you have doubts remember who Obama visited first after being elected? Thailand. He didn’t come here to meet some nice Thai ladies. This country is a major player in Asia, because it is a major development country, is between India and China, and controls the maritime silk road that every boats needs to cross when going to Japan.

With the loss of their Philipine ally, and North Korea being closer to Russia and China than ever, South Korea being close to the implosion with their military occupation (+20000 soldiers stationned in South Korea and the power is a well known USA puppet) the USA power over the Pacific region is jeopardized.

This election in Thailand is an opportunity for the West to take over Thailand again.

When I see that the west is publishing in every news outlet, at the same time, the same rethoric about “elections irregularities”, I see the same pattern of regime change that we can see in many other countries where the West aliance is trying to get the control through one of their election financed puppets.

The junta got the more votes, but immediately, the Western world started to repetitively publish that the junta cheated. And thanks to the work of their new Ambassador in Thailand, the USA could finance and setup the traps and prepare the election properly.

We can see now that for most Thai people, the Junta cheated and the singer
Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit is looking pretty much like the Juan Guaidó Thai. His alliance with Pheu Thai’s Sudarat Keyuraphan is the trap the Junta didn’t see coming. They have open the door to the West well trained propaganda machine and now, all Thailand is thinking that Prayut is a cheater obsessed by power.

There is a reason why these things are happening, it is not all random. This is a well prepared take over of Thailand by the West.

And this time, the ruling power is not as popular as before. Tired after 4 years of power where people got bored by the military, and blame them for all the economic problems the small businesses are facing, the low wages and … the flue. Exercising power is not an easy task, and it is hard to get re-elected when huge forces with unlimited funding are working to destroy you.

But the Thai people have also not forgotten that a lot of social improvements were initiated by Taksin, and every time they are going to an hospital for free, they know that the “yellow” were oposing these social benefits and even threatened to remove them!

Taksin, despite the frauds and his sisters tax payer money miss management, has a strong positive image for many of the Thais who want a regime change.

The West is going to use this to control Thailand, for the best or worse, Thais do not know what they are really dealing with. These regime changes are not for the well being of the people, but they usually realize it when it is too late.

The West is in full propaganda mode,

Now giving orders, soon threatening of sanctions?

Elections is a trojan horse for the Western powers, and Thailand has no interest – being located so close to China, Russia and India – to become a Washington controlled puppet.

These time are very dangerous for this country. I think most Thais do not realize how bad this could become. They are only focused on having more money on their credit card, more cash cards to buy cars and big bikes, being able to borrow more, but they might learn that being under control of the West, usually do not bring more money to the country (at least not in the long term) but is the opposite, it is a money pump for the global elite, though taxes and fraud, that put the country to its knee and change it to a debt slave.

Will the small General Prayut be strong enough to convince the Thais and the international community? I doubt. He does not have the golden wing protecting him anymore, and the new King is far to have the same aura than his father had.

The forces from the West are way superiors to his own power. Without the help of China, or Russia, I bet that the small general will not resist in an International push of recognition of the opposition.

Imagine that in Europe, Macron won the electoral vote, but the opposition Le Pen and Melanchon join together to say that they have more votes and as such need to rule the country.

Imagine that George Bush election was invalidated by an oposition join force of Al Gore and Joe Liebermann? “Together we rule the country, because we have more votes!”

This is what the West is attempting to do here in Thailand! And that’s what they are calling “democratie”.

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by Nikko