O Delices at Jomtien, a place to check if you want great quality food!


I have no word to describe the chocolate dome I just eaten… It was
Top Chief quality . I think that O Delices must be one of the best bakery in Pattaya. You can taste the difference with the semi industrial cakes sold at Friendship or Foodmart. Not to mention Tesco, Big C and 7/11 who are selling unfrozen crap full of chemicals.

O Delice is in another dimension. I am French and even in France, you have to go to Paris and LeNotre and pay 20 Euro to get this quality. Or maybe head on a 30 Eur cake at Crillon 5* hotel? But a regular bakery cannot create this quality at a price that will sell.

The problem is that in Europe you cannot make this quality and sell it because it is too expensive. Taxes, over taxes and taxes, rent, kitchen investment to match the inspection standards, the result of a good artisan work ends up in the 20 Eur bracket.

Result, in Pattaya we have better quality Euro food than in Europe, because here artisans who love their job can sell their perfect product for 4 Eur instead of 20 Eur. And at this price, many people buy and the business is profitable.

O Delice is also having a mindblowing promotion at 199 baht, ask them, you get real Paté, ham and all kind of “charcuterie” for this price, and you will get filled with good quality food.

O Delice is located in the gay area at the entrance of Jomtien, at the “Walking Street”. It is easy to park with both cars and scooter.

Look at these pictures, if your mouth isn’t watering, check with your doctor, you are probably dead.

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by Nikko