What is happening with the price of the music gears in Thailand?


The price in Thailand is simply the double or triple of what you would pay by buying on eBay for example, or directly in the USA at Sweetwater or Thornman in Germany.

Does it means that the local dealers in Thailand cannot buy at normal dealer price?
Or maybe they want to make too much money out of each sale?

Here is (in the picture) an example of an amazing gear that should cost 22,000 baht but is found at the best price at 51,000 that’s 2.5 x more expensive than anywhere else in the world.

I asked to the shop the reason for this high price, they responded “it is Thailand, it is the price”.

No question why Thailand is so late about the music technology. With an average salary that is about $300, paying $2000 a gear that in reality should cost $700 is not going to help the musicians to buy and learn modern musical styles, apart from pirated plugins….which is the only cheap option.

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by Nikko