The Croissant tale: Tops Strike back!


I though that the “Tale of the Chocolate Croissant” will be ended with this article
But this was without accounting the tenacity of the guys working at Tops.

These have recently put for sale a new Chocolate croissant with Rhum flavored cream that is a killer and might be the best in town, and believe it or not, it costs only 22 baht! Rush before they double the price!!!

Remember, I resume quickly, Tops opened close to Big C on Sukhumvit south Pattaya and started to sell their Chocolate Croissants 49 baht while everywhere else they were about half the price. Big C followed with the excuse that these were from France! Then 7/11 made a 25 baht croissant with almond and everyone both Tops and Big C stopped selling chocolate croissants because people would not buy.

For your information, chocolate croissants are a French product that costs usually less than 1 Euro in Europe (less than 35 baht) so there is no reason why they would be more expensive here, when you know that they are most of the time made from purchased frozen pre-made industrial packs that you can buy at for nothing on line. It is a cheap product in Europe.

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by Nikko