Air Cleaners are working! I tested for you.


Starting in November 2018, friends, girlfriend and I complained about getting sick all the time, feeling burn in the chest and other symptoms that we though were coming from Europe and the tourists.

Then people started to talk about pollution. That’s when the girlfriend got a pneumonia and at the peak she needed to go in the emergencies at Bangkok hospital for a mix Ventolin treatment. It cleaned her lung and she was better. But I was coughing all the time. Was it because of the pollution?

So I purchased two gears, One Daikin this model at Homeworks / Powerbuy (south Pattaya Sukhumvit close to Big C). They had them in stock and in promotion, and I didn’t had to wait. I purchased this unit about 10,000 baht and I chose it because it has included both an odor and a pm2.5 sensors. They are modern units not like all the old air cleaners that are only checking smoke (the Sharp at Powerbuy are rubish for example).

Because I wanted to test the ionisation, I purchased a 600 baht ioniser that is awesome for the price and is doing a lot of things at Lazava here.

Together, I can tell there is a huge difference. No more burn feeling in the lungs, no more sneezing. And when you go out you can smell the dirty air by comparison. It is not a big investment for a great difference in quality of life.

That is the magic air ionizer, that is doing a lot of things, but quietly and efficiently for about 600 baht.

Here is the Air purifier Daikin(MC40UVM6). Working great.

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by Nikko