A lesson to everyone doing a business in Thailand.


At Terminal 21 in a Coffee shop. It all started beautifully. The strawberry tart was to die for. The work of a real professional, very very far away from all the frozen crap sold in Foodland, Big C or Tesco.

I was in heaven, ready to write a glorious review, and do it for Google , Trip Advisor etc… and my page of course.

But you know these cakes are sweat and I wanted to drink something so I ordered Nam Soda (sparkling water from Chang). It is a Chang soda worth less than water in Thailand and that Thais are using to mix with Whisky. Usually it is the cheapest drink you can buy in any restaurant. I just wanted to wash my mouth after this delicious cake.

Then came the bill: Nam Soda: 70 baht! About the price of a fruit tart!

In many places they are giving you a glass of water FREE. But here, you almost double the price of the cake just for a glass of Chang soda water.

And it ain’t Perrier or San Pellegrino, it is just a 8 baht Chang Nam Soda worth nothing in 7/11.

Morality, it is hard to get a new customer on board, and I was all into it after this wonderful tart! But it is easy to loose your customers with these kind of mistake.

Giving a sucker punch at the bill time is not going to make any customer happy and come back. Don’t do that mistake, when you are putting so much effort in doing quality products. Nam soda at 20 baht and I was very happy, write a glorious review, 70 baht make me think “nah, these greedy people do not deserve it, I won’t come back”. That’s how easy you make a difference between a successful business and a failure.

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by Nikko