No bag day. More insanity. More stupidity.


The no bag day is every 1st Monday of the month and has the goal to make us accepting to buy bags instead of having them given for free. Not only you have to bring your bag (that you have to pay) but later on, you will have to buy bags for use for the trash. There is nothing about saving the Earth in this campaign, otherwise, Big C and Tops would stop packing bananas in plastic for example, and stop using an excessive amount of plastic as you can see in the pictures. This is the most hypocritical propaganda campaign, using culpability to force us to buy them instead of getting them for free as a service. The only reason is greed.
So who are the assholes in this story: Big C is the main offender followed by Tops.
The good ones are 7/11, Foodland (who were offering the choice) and Foodmart. Know where to buy next month, and show them that you are not an idiot that can be manipulated so easily.

I took some pictures at Big C and Tops today, check how they are concerned by using plastic! Check the pictures and don’t be stupid to buy their propaganda. We are not going to save the planet by buying expensive bags that contains more chemicals and more plastic right? Be smart, boycott Big C and Tops. What about taking out these diesel old shit driving on the road? Or incinerate the trash using modern facilities instead of burning in the wild everywhere, when we sleep, poisoning everything?

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by Nikko