Pollution powder recovers everything!


Pay attention and look around you. All the cars are covered with this powder that is looking like baby power or talc… but it is in fact the deposit of the pollution, the infamous 2.5pm particles. One night is enough to spread your car and if you do not touch your vehicle for a week, it will be totally covered.

These tiny particles, are also going into your lungs, and are passing through to blood stream. Your blood becomes more and more dirty. Symptoms are similar to Diabetes. The dirt first clug the small blood vessel, resulting in loss of vision, loss of sensations in the extremities, and moody feeling (they also clug the brain vessels, people are easy to get upset for nothing).
Then they accumulates, in your heart and arteries and then, anything can happen… Nothing can dissolve these when they are in, they are staying.

Wear a mask outside, and buy an air cleaner for inside your room.


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by Nikko