Central Festival is sinking…


Only 3 months after Terminal 21 opened last October, Central Festival is getting beaten by the competition. Once the jewel of Pattaya, Central Festival is now becoming like Harbor or Avenue. The invasion of the small shops selling everything from shoes to watches is the smoking gun that something is doing wrong. Central Festival must be in a dare situation to be forced to accept selling more than half of the pathway everywhere, making the once beautiful and classy Mall looking like an old bazar. If you haven’t visited Central Festival for a while you will be shocked by the change. These small shops are hundreds, and everywhere. Walking and finding something is difficult and the shopping experience has become as low as Robinson in Sriracha or Big C Rayong…check the pictures, it is awful!

Now that the small shops are installed in front of the big shops, paying less and selling at discount price, the big shops are closing…. Is Central Festival doomed to become a ghost mall like Harbor? Having discounted shirts selling right in front of H&M is probably not a good idea. Who would accept that? I haven’t seen the fake Adidas shops yet, but if they bring them with the fake Rolex, that will be a lot of fun for the shops who are selling the genuine ones 100x time more expensive! Look at the pictures, 14 shops closed already in only 3 months! Maybe it is time to lower the rent and take some beneficial decision before it is too late? Low season is going to be difficult for some owners.

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by Nikko