Marino Italian restaurant at Terminal 21


My new favorite restaurant is Marino at Terminal 21. Since the opening, I love their pizzas slices (cost about 100 baht) and they are changing the menu all the time so that you never get bored. Marino is the name of the chief, and he is doing the ravioli and the fresh pasta in front of you every week, you can buy and take away or sit and enjoy a huge plate for about 250-350 baht. Nothing is cheap about the ingredients, you can feel the difference with the soi Buocaw competition for example. In one month the restaurant has caught a lot of recurring customers, most of the time it is more busy than Pizza Factory located at the opposite side! The owner has another restaurant in Bangkok that is incredibly busy and where you have to wait and get a ticket to get a seat. Pattaya is a different place, with more choice of Italian food at a very short distance, competition makes it hard to open another Italian with all these already popular ones everywhere, existing for years.
The location of Marino is just in front of the Cinemas at the 3rd floor at Terminal 21, where there are a lot of people walking, it is the ideal place to buy a pizza slice before watching a movie. And looking the tourists passing-by, while eating is entertaining. You can witness a lot of barfine with their boyfriend of the day, wearing sexy dresses. Kinda Walking Street but with aircon.

Marino is not like Mario Bros, He is a real person. Proof of it!

But what makes you coming again is the quality of the food. I am a cheap charlie, and I hate to pay 300 baht for something that I could cook home, buy at Big C or something that is made from cheap ingredients. Not at Marino, just check their pepperoni pizza and you can taste the difference. I am not the style to send flowers to any venue, but, while I am very critical about the overall greed going on in Pattaya, I can also recognize the ones who are really carrying about their customers, and try to get the best quality at the best price.

Note: the service is very professional, not the usually zombies. The waitresses are well trained and smiling, and they have a 10% off royalty card for the regular customers, ask for it!

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by Nikko