Tropical Storm Pabuk


When you read Aljazeera or the Washington Post it sounds like Thailand will be devastated by a powerful Typhoon. Actually Pattaya will be affected marginally, or even not at all. We can see it from the windows, or just looking in the direction of the sea, it is a big mess of clouds just in front of us. We got some wind – but not really bad – and we haven’t seen a drop of rain yet. People in Hua Hin may get heavy rain, but it is a small depression right now, that look scary because of the way the weather channels are coloring the satellite pictures.

It is pretty rare to see a depression at this time of the year (last was 68 years ago) but since last year, we got more rain than usual. 68 years is nothing on the nature’s scale!

Nothing to worry about, do not delay your vacation because of the information channels doing what they are best to do, creating scary news to sell advertising. If television didn’t exists, nobody would have noticed anything in Pattaya.

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by Nikko