Thanks to the rain, the pollution went from 170 (197?) to 70!


Thanks to the rain, the pollution that was at dangerous levels (red!) went down to moderate! When the government will apply the law and stop these people who are burning their fields and their trash? The same thing happen every year at the same period, suffocating pollution coming from the farmers who are burning their fields.

Update: someone measured 197 at Pratakmak! Happy jogging!

In the morning, no blue sky even if there are no clouds…

Because of the smoke, it is dark all day.

This is not mist. Mist do not smell like burned trash!

Sea view?

Picture of the Pattaya’s sign from North Pattaya beach…

Where is the Pattaya’s city sign gone?

Rain coming to the rescue, taking all these particles and cleaning the air.

10 am, not really the kind of atmosphere for tanning on the beach. Indians do not see a difference with home 😉

Is this the end of the world?

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by Nikko