Big C hypocritical no bag day!


Big C are trying to do the same scam that they did in France 10 years ago. No more bags for the environment? They put the blame on you for the plastic bag issue, when in reality removing the bags is not fixing the problem, it makes it even worse.

You still need bags to use for your trash, and if they do not give anymore, you will have to buy them. These bags are more strong, and have more plastic, they are polluting more than the thin bag they are giving for free now.
Big C want to make money by selling you the bags for your trash, and also save money by not paying the bags anymore.

More money in their pocket that’s the only reason to do it.

If they are so much environmental conscious, why do they wrap everything in plastic? And why they do not use recyclable bags? Do not fall in the trap, they are only interesting in selling you the bags.




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by Nikko