Yayoi: failed attempt at doing high kitchen (Haute Cuisine)


Here we are, Thai MK group trying to copy high cuisine is with no surprise an epic failure. Thai can copy almost everything, but when it comes to quality food, they need to take real chiefs to design their menu because Yayoi is the most laughable attempt at doing high cuisine ever.

The place is nice, and the staff is doing good, the kitchen is working hard to compose these very complex appetizers. You almost feel like in a high end restaurant in Singapore or Paris.

Now comes the food itself. The salmon is glued into this ketchup spicy sauce that all the cheap sushi places are using on the top of their maki. Some carrot are here because everybody knows that people love carrots. The salad had no sauce. First time I eat salad without any sauce in a restaurant. The crab thing is the same frozen item you can find in many “all you can eat buffets”, the jelly was all chemical I almost puked when I tasted it. The miso soup was very good but we all know it is factory made and you can buy the same in any supermarket. The best was the small fried kebab that had some taste and was still hot when served.

The worse was probably this little “hot flan” with chicken in it… it is alien food to me, my stomach was not enthusiastic.

No herbs, no homemade sauce, no cooking technique, all from industrially prepared elements put together in the kitchen by a busy staff who I am sure would prefer a classic Thai food to these awfully complex mixes of anything. No fresh products (apart from the salad). Everything taste bland like if you have a cold and your tongue is paralyzed by the doctor’s spray.

Conclusion: if you want to have an extraterrestrial shocking culinary experience, it is probably the right place. Your mouth will pray for normal food after that, but the good news is that this is not filling your stomach, I was hungry when I finished. I went filling the extra place to the pizza nearby and for 90 baht got a great slice full of flavors and freshly made.

My advice to Thai high-kitchen wannabees… you don’t know what high kitchen is, it is not part of your culture. Ask to a French chief. It all starts with fresh high quality ingredients, which is precisely what is missing in the Yayoi menu. This restaurant is to food what the “Amazing Art” touristic places are to “The Louvre”, or what rockets festivals are to the NASA.


The place is looking hi-so, and is well designed

The box has a lot of diverse small food. Ask a lot of work to the people in the kitchen, but lot of bad food doesn’t make good food.

The orange spicy sauce is chemical, made of sugared mayo and spicy chemical ketchup. Awful. Were is salmon taste?

Salad with no sauce. They must have though that I am a buffalo?

This thing taste horrible. Sugar + eggs +chiken + surimi.  Boeurk!

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by Nikko