Is this enough to remind Thais drivers about road civility?


Thais are legendary known for their lack of civility. They are going first no matter what. Selfishness is the common attitude on the road, and the result is a very high number of accident. That’s simple if you want to die in your vacation, you can either go do a  road trip in Syria, or drive in Pattaya every day. You have about the same chances to be killed. So here is  the time for extreme solutions: huge red crosswalks, to remind the smiling drivers to let the pedestrian cross the road without crushing them like in a video game. Is it enough? What else can be done to teach them the respect of other on the road? Having a laser like a light saber that would vaporize all the ones who are passing at the red light? I would vote for that! These picture have been taken by me at the crossroad between Trep praya and Trep passit road, at Jomtien.

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by Nikko